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Zest4 Vehicle Telematics – ‘Smart Tracker’ wins ‘Best IoT Product’ in Mobile News Awards

March 27th, 2017 by Mandy Fazelynia

By Anton Le Saux

Here at Zest4, we’re delighted to hear that the vehicle telematics product ‘Smart Tracker’ that we offer to resellers was recently crowned winner of the ‘Best IoT Product/Solution’ category at the 2017 Mobile News Awards.

But as vehicle telematics systems have actually been on the market for some time, you may wonder why Smart Tracker would win such an award! Well let me explain…

It’s no secret that M2M and IoT technology has become a global phenomenon over the last couple of years and it continues to develop at a mind-blowing pace. But it’s this rapid advancement in technology that has also enabled vehicle telematics systems to improve which has lead the way to Smart Tracker becoming the award-winning product that it is.

Unlike original vehicle telematics solutions that require complex and costly installations, Smart Tracker is a low cost, easy-to-install, feature-rich product that is more than a match for other established vehicle telematics products that currently dominate the marketplace.

The GeoTab plug-and-play device, which can be self-installed, connects directly into the vehicles Canbus and reports a wide range of diagnostic information that’s not usually available remotely. Fleet Managers can be alerted of forthcoming vehicle requirements such as servicing, oil changes, break-pad replacements and so on, enabling them to minimise down time for their fleet.

The system also reports on vehicle movements, fuel usage, refuelling information and journey mpg, as well as monitoring full driver behaviour. By monitoring driver behaviour, Fleet Managers can be alerted to any occurrences of harsh driving, speeding or using vehicles out-of-hours and take immediate action.

The benefits of Smart Tracker to Fleet Managers are clear to see, but the benefits to solution providers have also improved with enhancements in vehicle telematics technology. Any communications provider can offer the Smart Tracker system and can successfully build a recurring revenue with it. With traditional vehicle telematics systems, the high monthly managements costs and low ROI deterred fleet operators from adopting such systems and made it a near-impossible sale for resellers. But with Smart Tracker, the equipment and installation charges are much lower, and all functionality is available for just a small monthly subscription charge. This has vastly increased the chances of a reseller making a sale and securing ongoing mobile revenue.

Smart Tracker has been available in the US for just over a year now and is being used by over 700k active subscribers. A proven solution for fleet operating companies, the system is now available via ourselves at Zest4. With our firm commitment to bringing M2M and IoT solutions to the partner channel, Smart Tracker was the perfect fit and enables us to provide resellers with an award-winning solution which can open doors and really benefit their business. The system is easy to sell, easy to install and creates real value for the end user, which in time may lead to further M2M opportunities.

Zest4 are delighted to offer this market-leading solution to resellers and are the only direct wholesale provider in the UK that are approved to sell this it. We not only provide the solution, but we also provide full sales support, tailored demonstrations, joint visits, training and collateral.

To find out more about Smart Tracker and to find out how Zest4 can support you to sell it, call us on 0161 956 3355 or visit http://www.zest4.com/m2m/vehicle-telematics.php.


How M2M Solutions Help You Cut the Wire for Connectivity

March 20th, 2017 by Mandy Fazelynia

As technology continues to develop at an incredibly rapid pace, so too does the opportunity for businesses to reap the benefits that technology can offer.

Connectivity is no longer restricted to those in the office, tethered to their desks by multitudes of wires. The emergence of enterprise-grade 4G routers now means that connectivity is available anytime and anywhere – and with no wires!

Whether you’re running an outdoor event, starting up in a new location or simply don’t have a fixed business abode, an enterprise-grade router will give you all the network access you need to run your business efficiently and effectively.

At Zest4, we’ve been working hard to give resellers a host of solutions to help end-customers cut the wire for their connectivity. We’ve teamed up with Cradlepoint to offer a range of enterprise-grade 4G routers that are easy to install and provide instant cloud-based networking solutions. There’s a router model to suit all needs, but users can benefit from…

  • Internet access from day 1: With a Cradlepoint router, customers can benefit from internet access from day 1. No need to wait for an ISP or for fixed-lines to be installed.
  • Compatible with multiple networks: Our routers are designed to work with any mobile network so there are no complicated set-up or configuration requirements.
  • Peace of mind security: Cradlepoint routers have built-in security protocols that are PCI compliant ensuring your data is secure. Credit and debit card transactions can be safely processed.
  • Flexible tariffs: Working with Zest4, resellers and end-customers can benefit from variable tariffs that can be flexed up or down as data requirements change.

Enterprise-grade routers are not only the perfect solution for businesses out on the road but they’re also the perfect failover back at the office. It’s a fact of life that fixed-line faults sometimes occur, so to protect your business against downtime and disruption, an enterprise-grade router offers a back-up solution.

For more information on ‘Cut the Wire’ technology and M2M solutions from Zest4, visit http://www.zest4.com/machine-to-machine.php or get in touch by calling 0161 956 3355.wireless

4 of the best moments from 4 years of Zest4

February 15th, 2017 by Mandy Fazelynia

This month, Zest4 turns 4! To celebrate, we thought it would fun to ask our team what some of their best memories are from the last 4 years’ in business So here are the results…

  • Launch of M2M solutions including partner launch day:


Since Zest4 was formed back in 2013, we’ve been busy developing and launching new solutions for our partners. But the one most loved by our team so far has been the recent launch of M2M solutions. Not only has this given us a greater presence in the marketplace but it has also enabled us to get involved in some really interesting and exciting projects.

As well as Zest4 becoming a provider of M2M solutions, our team also have very fond memories of our partner launch day back in May 2016. Our partners joined us for a day at Chester Races during which we presented our new M2M offering. The reaction and feedback was tremendous and we are thrilled to now be working with many of our partners to deliver M2M to their customers.

  • Office move to new office space in Wilmslow:


Another best memory which many of our team share is our recent relocation to new offices in Wilmslow, Cheshire. The move represents a very successful few years in business and will give Zest4 the space to realise our ambition to continue to develop and grow.

As well as enjoying larger and nicer offices, we are also enjoying be part of a local business community and, for many of us, we are now located much closer to home!

  • Hitting targets and growing our partner base:


At Zest4, we are incredibly lucky to have a hard-working team who share our company ambitions and are constantly striving to achieve our goals. Many of our team have fond memories of hitting and exceeding specific targets over the past few years in areas such as billing, mobile subscribers and services. But the one thing that really stands out for many of us is the huge increase in our partner base that we achieved in 2016. The 50% increase was largely attributable to the launch of M2M solutions, but not only did it attract partners wishing to offer M2M to their customers, it helped raise awareness of Zest4 as a whole and attracted new partners wishing to benefit from other areas of our product portfolio.

  • Receiving nominations for industry awards:


The final area of best moments that our team have highlighted from the last 4 years, is for industry award nominations. We are delighted to have been shortlisted a number of times for the Comms Dealer Awards, the Comms National Awards and the Comms Business Awards, but our greatest achievement to date has been receiving a Commendation in the Comms National Awards 2016 in the Best Wholesale Service Provider category.

Despite our success so far, we are still determined to win the top prize during our next 4 years’ in business…so watch this space!

To find out more about Zest4 and our partner programme, visit www.zest4.com or call 0161 956 3355.

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