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Why mobile is a good failover for businesses

December 14th, 2016 by Mandy Fazelynia

Connectivity is a hugely important element of most business operations today. Keeping all areas of the business connected – whether onsite or out on the road – relies on a robust and reliable connection.

But as we all know from experience, things do sometimes go wrong. Whether it’s the force of nature or an unexpected incident, fixed line connections can go down. And with the reliance on technology greater than ever, when lines do go down, business operations simply grind to a halt, which costs business owners valuable time and money.

Many organisations do try to plan for such an event and often choose to get a second fixed line installed. Whilst this does reduce the reduce the risk of downtime, it’s by no means failsafe. Every fixed line connection does ultimately link to the same local telephone exchange, so should a fault occur at the exchange itself, all fixed lines will be affected, leaving the business with no connection and operations on hold.

There is another back-up solution however – a mobile broadband connection. Using M2M technology, Enterprise Grade Routers offer a failsafe option for businesses large and small. Routers can quickly and easily be configured and installed, and remain plugged in should a fixed line error occur. If the fixed line goes down, the business owner can switch to the mobile data router and connectivity resumes with no disruption to the business.

The added beauty of a mobile connection is the ability for routers to connect to any network. So should there be a service issue with one mobile network, the router will simply connect to another network, ensuring continuous service once more.

Communications resellers who are interested in providing mobile connectivity solutions to businesses across the UK can do so with support from unified communications experts Zest4. Zest4 offer a wide range of M2M solutions for reseller partners, all backed up by expert M2M knowledge and technical support, training through the Zest4 partner academy, marketing support, optimised tariffs and competitive commercials.

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How lack of connectivity can seriously impact retail businesses

December 8th, 2016 by Mandy Fazelynia

We’ve said it many times before but the reliance on technology is greater than ever for businesses across the globe. Technology plays a huge role in all types of business but one sector where technology is particularly important is the retail sector.

Imagine you’re the Manager of a large retail outlet. It’s a typical Saturday (your busiest day of the week) and your fixed-line goes down. What would your day be like with no connectivity? Which areas of your store would be most affected?

Well, if you’re a big high street brand, it’s likely that many parts of your store would be affected. But the biggest area of impact (and probably the most important one!) would be your payment system. With the majority of customers paying with credit and debit cards these days, you simply wouldn’t be able to process any transactions. EPOS systems rely on an internet connection to communicate with credit and debit card payment systems, but without any connectivity, that communication could not happen and you couldn’t take any payments.

Without connectivity, you may still be able to accept cash payments, but this could affect your stock inventory. It’s likely that your cash tills will also link to a central stock system, so by accepting cash payments without being able to scan and check items out properly, your stock levels would become out of sync very quickly which may cause problems with supplies.

A lack of connectivity could also affect other services within your store. Not only would payments and stock management be hindered, but you wouldn’t be able to place any special customer orders. Many retail outlets today offer customers the opportunity to order items that may not be available on the day. But without connectivity, orders couldn’t be placed and customers may choose to go elsewhere instead.

Instore advertising may also be affected by a fault with connectivity. Your store might include features such as tablets or PC terminals that shoppers can use to browse your wider product range. Without connectivity, however, these devices wouldn’t be able to link to your website to showcase items that aren’t available in-store.

Your store may also feature large advertising screens showing adverts, videos or associated television programmes that encourage shoppers to buy. If these screens rely on the internet to access content, a lack of connectivity would also make these unusable for the day.

So it’s clear to see what a huge negative impact a lack of connectivity could have on retailers today. And with the busiest shopping time of the year fast-approaching, a lack of connectivity simply isn’t an option. But how can retailers protect themselves should it happen?

The answer is simple – M2M technology!

Using M2M (machine to machine) technology, a specially configured Enterprise Grade Router offers retailers a robust failover should their fixed-line go down. With the ability to connect to any mobile network, the router remains plugged in at all times and is ready and waiting to take the load should the fixed connectivity fail for any reason. The retailer can operate as normal with no negative impact on the business and customers can shop as normal.

Communications resellers who are interested in providing this solution to retail customers across the UK can do so with support from unified communications experts Zest4. Zest4 offer a wide range of M2M solutions for reseller partners, all backed up by expert M2M knowledge and technical support, training through the Zest4 partner academy, marketing support, optimised tariffs and competitive commercials.

For more information on M2M solutions from Zest4, call 0161 956 3355 or visit http://www.zest4.com/machine-to-machine.php.



December 7th, 2016 by Mandy Fazelynia

Building on the success of their M2M Partner Programme and further enhancing their portfolio of M2M products for resellers, Zest4 have launched a number of Pre-Ethernet and Pop up Office solutions.

Committed to helping partners navigate the complexities of M2M technology and maximise the revenue opportunity available to them, Zest4 are introducing a range of end-of-end M2M solutions for resellers.

Pre-Ethernet solutions give partners the opportunity to provide reliable enterprise grade connectivity to customers whose businesses operate away from permanent premises or who offer a service that’s based out on the road. Festivals, temporary retail outlets, kiosks, digital road signage and pop up offices are just some of the business types that rely on technology but often struggle to stay connected.

Working with Unified Communications experts Zest4, partners can offer customers a range of Enterprise Grade Routers and competitive, flexible mobile tariffs that will give these businesses reliable 4G broadband connectivity and the ability to connect to any network, ensuring a continuous connection wherever they may be.

Anton Le Saux Zest4’s Head of M2M and IOT said one of the challenges resellers have had fulfilling this part of the marketplace in the past has been the Networks wanting to tie customers in to long term contracts when they take out a new sim. This meant if you needed 250GB of data for the a three month period whilst you wait for a fixed line solution to be installed you had to commit to buying this amount of data for the duration of your contract. At Zest4 we have now the ability to offer sims with Flexible data that means a customer can consume as much as they need while they need it and then drop down to a bare minimum to ensure they have cover for failover. I truly believe this will enable our partners to win in this space.

In addition, partnering with Zest4 gives resellers the opportunity to benefit from unrivalled technical and commercial support. Zest4’s highly experienced team of Channel Account Managers are dedicated to supporting partners to assess customers’ needs and specify a solution that fulfils their requirements now and for the future.

Mandy Fazelynia, Zest4’s Operations & Business Development Director, said, “We are thrilled to be continuing the development of our M2M portfolio and the launch of Pre-Ethernet solutions offers partners an exciting opportunity. At Zest4, we have had personal experience of using Enterprise Grade Routers during our recent office move and they were critical in ensuring we could operate as usual despite a long wait for our fixed-line to be installed. Per-Ethernet solutions are ideal for a wide range of applications and offer businesses the connectivity that they need to succeed.”

For more information on M2M and Pre-Ethernet solutions from Zest4, visit www.zest4.com or call 0161 956 3355.