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Machine to Machine

Unrivalled M2M support for communications resellers across the UK

There’s no denying that M2M technology offers communications resellers an exciting opportunity for revenue growth. But many independent mobile and fixed line partners that we’ve spoken to are struggling to find an M2M supplier that can truly support them and provide the expertise that they need.

Zest4 is changing that!

Working with our strategic partners, Zest4 offer complete M2M solutions, enabling reseller partners to benefit from expert knowledge, optimised tariffs and competitive commercials. Plus, our dedicted Channel Sales Consultants are always on hand to provide ongoing commercial and technical support.

M2M from Zest4 offers:

  • UK only tariffs
  • All UK Network roaming SIMs
  • A range of flexible commercial models
  • Pooled data for customers
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Technical support
  • A dedicated M2M web portal for both resellers and end customers
  • Alerts, caps, customisable notifications, automated tariff changes, real time reports and diagnostics tools

EMPort - Open platform for M2M & IoT Connection Management

EMPort is Zest4’s powerful web-based management platform which enables users to control their own M2M estate and connection services from any location and at any time. It gives customers the ability to deloy M2M applications and services quickly and easily without the need for investment in their own network or cloud infrastructure.

Users can securely manage device connections in and out of the estate and monitor in-service data usage. An intuitive and easy-to-use interface simplifies management, reporting and financial forecasting for the entire range of IoT deployments.

Features & Benefits of EMPort:

  • Productivity: Visualise and manage connections with ease
  • Analysis: Retrieve information quickly and make smart judgements
  • Security: Build an extra security layer into M2M deployments
  • Growth: Efficient operations accelerate business growth

For more information about M2M solutions and our EMPort platform, speak to our Channel Sales Team by calling 0161 956 3355 or email channelsales@zest4.com.