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Case Study 1

M2M solutions for the Construction Industry

Phil and Jon were in a café chatting about technology. They had just met a construction client with a Zest4 Partner. The customer, Mr Standards, had been grumbling about how hard it was to give his team quality onsite connectivity without breaking security policies.

"That’s brilliant” said Jon. “Never thought of using M2M to fix that problem."

"That’s the beauty of M2M" replied Phil. "We can build a router in a box that gives them secure access and takes SIMs from any carrier. Use it anywhere and when you’re done – unplug it and move on."

Thankfully for Mr Standards and the Zest4 partner, Phil and Jon really knew what they were talking about. The right solution, with the right tariff, at the right price.

Phil works for Arkessa who have over 10 years’ experience in IoT. And Jon’s company Zest4, have been supporting resellers selling mobile and unified communications solutions for over 20 years.

This partnership offers a unique opportunity to help the channel enter the M2M market. Something which our heroes have learnt about recently.

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Case Study 2

M2M solutions for the Logistics Industry

Hello I’m Ben. I’ve secured 7 years of revenue by closing my first M2M deal with a logistics firm.

Selling M2M isn’t scary. The opportunities already exist – you just need a great team behind you.

My lessons:

  • I’d never sold M2M before – but I knew if I didn’t do it now, my customer could go elsewhere.
  • Their incumbent was over-charging them on M2M connectivity and they were coming out of contract. I had to act fast.
  • Jon and Phil came to my rescue. I learnt lots e.g. you can’t just port over M2M SIMs!
  • Barriers can be taken away. The technical brains at Arkessa came up with a neat SIM programming solution and the Zest4 team got every SIM installed!

Together we closed the deal. I got guaranteed revenue and became the incumbent. So, as my customer grows, I can sell them more SIMs and new products.

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Case Study 3

M2M Solutions for the Taxi Industry

Hi I’m Ray. I’ve protected my business by installing M2M in my cabs.

For a techno-phobe like me, the thought of going digital was daunting but my business was at risk. If you work with the right experts, you don’t need to be afraid!

Why did it work for me?

  • My supplier Tim worked with Jon to get me the right solutions, fast. It only took 30 minutes to install a tracking device in each car.
  • It wasn’t as complicated as I thought. The team trained us and told us who to contact with any future problems.
  • The card payment solution was the real winner - we even take payment online now!

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Case Study 4

Creating Public WiFi Solutions using M2M Technology

Hello I’m Darren. I’ve smashed my annual target by putting free Wi-Fi on buses.

By partnering with people who really get the technology, you can set yourself apart.

Here’s my tips for selling M2M:

  • Listen to your customers - if you can’t help them, they’ll go elsewhere.
  • Work with the experts - Jon and Phil helped me package up a simple solution that my customers understand.
  • Don’t be defeated – there’s almost always a solution. Jon and Phil found a way to put a router on a bus without the need for a plug socket! Who knew?

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Case Study 5

M2M Solutions for Pop Up Offices

Hi. I'm Mandy. I'm the Operations Director for Zest4. We prevented disruption to our operations and our customer service by using M2M technology ourselves.

M2M is the perfect solution for businesses moving premises. It offers resellers an opportunity to add real value to end customers.

Here's my advice:

  • M2M can help take the stress out of moving premises and keeps business operations running.
  • M2M isn't just a temporary fix - it can continue to provide businesses with cost benefits for the future.
  • M2M isn't as complicated as you might think – by working with our M2M experts, you'll soon learn how simple it can be.

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Case Study 6

M2M Solutions for Asset Tracking

Hey there! I'm Chris. My bank balance is looking healthier than ever now I'm wheeling and dealing in M2M. And there's even a few beers in it for me!

I didn't think there was any money to be made in selling M2M but with a bit of guidance from the experts, I soon realised that there was.

My lessons:

  • Work with the experts – they'll show you how to spot the M2M opportunities in your customer base.
  • M2M is so flexible and adaptable – you can help your customers solve a problem they thought they never could.
  • An M2M solution could save your customer thousands as well as earning revenues for you.

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